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In the ten years since 9/11, we have been after Osama Bin Ladin, the alleged master-mind of the attack.

Now he is dead, conveniently for many government officials, but in that whole time, other than government propoganda, and the main stream media parroting that same story in sound bites and hyperbole, presented by PAID experts and military analysts, I have not seen one convincing, hard-core piece of evidence that he actually planned it.

The day after the attack he released a statement calling it an atrocious act, and that that was against the tenets of the Muslim religion. Of course, the bought and paid for media wasn’t allowed to put that out to the public. It would have cast doubt on our declaring their patsy as an enemy. Hey, magicians use sleight-of-hand and distraction as major tools of their art.

It is also a matter of record that Bin Ladin was a CIA assett, as was Lee Harvey Oswald (American/Soviet double agent), Sirhan Sirhan, and Timothy McVey. It is also documented that Al Qaida is a CIA group, trained, armed and controlled by the CIA.

I have been convinced since day one that the 9/11 event was a false-flag event, and that our own government murdered 3000 people, plus an ungodly number of first-responders, in an all out effort to get us into empire-building wars that are about oil, drugs, money and power. I saw it in George Bush’s eyes that first day when they told him, and his lie about seeing the plane fly into the building on television. There was no news coverage at that time. He knew, and Dick Ch eney had ordered war games for NORAD that same day. They knew, and they planned it, plain and simple, and you will never convince me otherwise

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, only oil. The nuke issue is not why we are after Iran. It has the third largest oil field in the region. We are after them for the oil, pure and simple.

So, with all the lies we have been repeated told to reinforce them, I would like to see just one piece of non-governmental evidence that Bin Laden did what they say.

I believe it is another travesty against the American citizens, by a government that participated in the sinking of the Lusitania, the Gulf of Tonkin debacle, Pearl Harbor (with all the evidence out now that they knew, and let it happen, in fact, did everything they could to goad Japan into attacking us), the Bay of Pigs, the Oklahoma City bombing, the first WTC plane crash that failed to take down the building, the attack on the USS Cole ( where later it was shown to be two agents of the CIA dressed up as locals), etc.

Our government takes us as fools who will buy any story they lay down. I trust none of them, including Obama. They have one goal… subjugate the people of the world under their New World Order.

Somebody prove me wrong… I dare you.


The above link tells a lot about what went on with the death of Bin Laden.

It comes as no surprise to me that our leaders killed off Bin Ladin… finally.  His branding as our enemy was not being worth the expenditures. Our leaders are no strangers to assassination and murder for their own benefit and profit. They have scored big time with this one. They created Al Quaida and the Bin Laden myth. It was, and still is a massive CIA operation to destabilize the world’s governments and make us look like the “good guys.”

I find it no surprise that his post-9/11 denial was played down by the press. The neo-CONs needed an enemy for us to hate. How else could they justify their empire building and feeding of the industrial-war industries. And “We the Sheeple” bought their story hook, line and sinker.

Complacency and gullibility are killing this country, while the leaders bow to their rich masters and kill anyone who dares question them. The sooner we get out of the middle east, the safer we will be.  That is the reason they hate us, not because of our religious beliefs or lifestyle; simply because we won’t let them live their own lives and run their own countries the way they choose. And the sooner we wake up and stop our leaders (what a joke) and their ultra-rich banker and corporate masters, as a united people, the sooner we might get some respect, peace and safety in this world.

I have to admit I almost puke every time I hear a politician speak of spreading democracy. They don’t serve it. They are too busy creating their new world order for their masters, which will reinstate the aristocracy and the peasantry, and in this case, the peasantry is defined as “We the Sheeple.”

You cannot pick up a newspaper, watch a news show, or read news on the net without seeing that a wave of total insanity has overcome the leadership of this country.

Insanity is doing the same thing again and again, and expecting different results.

The Republicans seem to think that the elections gave them license to go back to their same old repressive, corporate driven ways, allowing their personal fortunes to grow incredibly.

The Democrats don’t seem to have a pair of balls between them.

Both are acting treasonously. They are serving the interests of themselves, their sponsors (those bribing them), and only working to get re-elected,  instead of acting as public servants for the benefit of their constituents, “We the People.”

The bottom line is, they don’t care about us. They don’t give a tinker’s damn about what the American people want and need.

What is worse, “We the Sheeple” continue to let them rape our rights, take our money and homes, ruin our children’s education and futures, kill our young men and women in two false wars that are over oil, drugs, money and power. Sadam had no weapons of mass destruction, unless they were left over from what we supplied him. What was had was a weapon of the U.S. government that was used on us… “Weaopns of Mass Distraction.

I have to ask, why is the war not on the front page of every newspaper in the country, every day? Why are the flags not flown at half mast every day for those that continue to die in useless fights that are not what they are told they are.

The terrorists, the real terrorists, are running our country. Open your eyes and see things as they really are. We have let a bunch of thugs take over our country while we sat, cowering from an unreal fear planted in our heads by massive propaganda attacks on us.

I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up.

I am coming to believe that criminal proceeding should be brought against the Republicans who continually block all valid and productive legislation,  all based on their childish attitude of not voting for anything the Obama administration wants.  They are being criminally petulant. In my opinion, their acts are treasonous, acting for an elite few,  instead of the well-being of all their constituents and the American citizens.

Perhaps a “vote of no confidence” leveled against the obstructionists who can’t show just and legal cause for blocking legitimate legislation might wake some of them up and get their heads out of their wallets, which are apparently kept where the sun doesn’t shine.

The events of late  are adding up as real proof that the Republican leaders, and many Democrats, only owe their allegiances to their donors and the corporations they have, or will be part of.  They are not acting as the “public servants” they were elected to be.

It is time to do one of the most patriotic duties you can for this country a duty laid out in the Constitution. We the People are the legal government of this country, and dutifully, we should question EVERYTHING that our leaders (public servants) do in our name.

Wake up America… time to take our country back from the money and power brokers, and we all have to participate. Let’s start with making the rich in this country pay their fair share of taxes, and then let’s end the insane, money driven wars we are engaged in.

We don’t have to put up with this crap.

You know what, Folks? I have been trying to put out the information I have been collecting about our government, and the attrocities they have been perpetrating against the American people for a bit now, and I have realized something.

Most Americans don’t want to know what’s really going on, are in total denial about it. In fact, they get down-right ugly when you try to help them wake up.
So,… For now, I am going to just back off and worry about protecting myself and my own life, and that of my familiy’s, so that when the government of our country fails, and the ecomony collapses, we will survive and thrive.

I honor all the people that wish to keep their heads hidden in the sand of the “official story,” while their rights are slowly stripped away, and they are driven into despotic tyranny.

I wish the world love and good luck, while I create my own fortune. “We the Sheeple” are on their own.

If my previous post upset you, or made you angry,… good. Now
take a look at this…

“False-Flag Operations”

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Grief is good, but,…

I, among all other American citizens, grieve at the loss of 3000 lives on 9-11, but after all these years, and all the evidence that has risen to the surface since then, I am still surprised when an editorial, or news item, or even a conversation, relates the incident to Osama Bin Laden and 19 crazed middle-easterners, many of whom have been found alive and well in other countries. It wasn’t them.

By now, anyone with their eyes half-way open KNOWS, and I repeat, KNOWS that 9-11 was a “false-flag” catastrophe, perpetrated by our own government against the citizens of America, with the goal of taking our rights away to conform with their Neocon, One-World Government philosophy. And they rule through the fear that it will happen again.

It was also a wonderful excuse to invade a country who’s leader had nothing to do with 9-11 or terrorism. His crime was that he wouldn’t buy into America’s ideas, and also was responsible for an assasination attempt against our president’s father. Oh yes, and all that lovely, money-making oil.

Americans have a wonderful, gullible blind spot when it comes to government conspiracies, and 9-11 is no longer a conspiracy “theory.” I have seen too much evidence to believe otherwise. Wake up and do a little research. It is all out there on the net. Time to wake up and do something about the “high-crimes and misdemeanors” of the Bush administration.

Honoring Our Troops

On Sunday I was in a northwest coastal town, and noticed that the flag in front of the post office was at half-mast. It wasn’t a minute later when an elderly couple asked if I knew why. I couldn’t tell them specifically, but I did have a thought, and they whole-heartedly agreed…

It is my opinion that until the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is over, and the war criminals who make up our current administration are removed, all American flags should be kept at half-mast to honor all the honored-dead soldiers that are victims of this administrations illegal war and invasion. It is visible home-front suport for our troops.

But in all honesty, they should also be flown upside-down, which has been a universal symbol of Americans in trouble and under seige, or in distress. I think that would be suficient reminder to all citizens in this country that our country and constitutionally guaranteed rights as Americans are under seige by the current administration. The loss of these is yet another reason to fly our flag at half-mast.

Keep in mind that it was not Al-Quaida that was responsible for 9/11, but our own leaders who planned and carried out the attack on their own citizens as a false-flag event to scare us into letting them start the war. Also, remember that we are not fighting terrorism in Iraq, just overseeing their civil war.

Until our fighting forces come home to protect us, we are all in danger. Let’s keep the flags lowered for a dying America. 

I see now that it is the whole Republican party that are not only sheep, but stupid sheep, following a lemming into the sea. I am beginning to think that we should try all of the Republicans that continue to vote in favor of our illegal war, and our treasonous leaders. They are all just patsies for the Dark Lord.

The war in Iraq has gone from an illegal invasion to us being the chaperones for a civil war. The bottom line is that we have lost in Iraq; there is no way to win. Again I will say that we lost the war the day we invaded.

I am now of the belief that “Republican” and “Neocon” are just two more definitions of “Dictatorial Fascism.” They want to rule and control us. This is not the American way.

If you are a Republican voter, I think perhaps it is time for you to go back to school and learn the meaning of “The Constitution” and “The Bill of Rights.” Your elected officials seem to have forgotten them in the name of the almighty dollar and re-election. I am not that fond of the Democrats either, but to quote my favorite bumper sticker, “When Clinton lied, nobody died.” Bush and the Neocons lied and people are still dying.

Wake up people. We are being robbed and our lives are being counted as nothing but numbers. We must stand up to the traitors.

I finally realized that our legislators have no balls. Not only that, but the worst thing that happened to this country in the past two-hundred years is our current Republican party, led by the Dark Lord, Darth Cheney. They have consistently led the American people down the garden path to dictatorship.

Of course, they will call me un-patriotic, but what I am is an American. I love my freedom, and the right to question everything they do, and the fact that we used to have the “best country in the world.”

Now we are the biggest debtor nation in the world, we are hated for the illegal invasion of a country that did us no wrong, we have allowed our leaders to hood-wink us, blow up New York City and the Oklahoma federal building to scare us, and blame it on the Muslims, and take away our rights… and the senators and congressmen just nod their heads and capitulate.

We need to stand up as in the movie and say, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more.”

We need to return to a national government “of the people, for the people, and BY the people.”

We need to get up up off our , in most cases, FAT, lazy butts and take action. We must tell our senators and congressmen that we want this war to end and force them to comply through sheer numbers.

We must insist that they fix America before they try to fix the rest of the world.

We cannot allow the Neocons plan to return us to a system of aristocracy and peasantry.

We must stop them from giving all of our money to their private banks, Haliburton and the Federal Reserve Bank, and sending it all out of the country (to Dubai).

We MUST secure our borders and control the illegal aliens coming into our country, and remove those already here.

We must take control of the current insurance, banking and healthcare industries.

We MUST take control over the oil companies that are raping the American public daily, (their’s is not an overhead problem, when they are pulling in billions of dollars a year in “PROFITS”).

But most of all, we must elect representatives the work for us, and have the balls to stand up to traitors and criminals like the current administration. We need real transparency in government.

We need to bring our current leaders to justice as the thieves and destroyers of America, and try them as the war criminals they are.

To do this though, we ALL must first become “Americans” again, with our own balls to stand up and take the responsibility for letting our country get this way.