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I have been very absent, and I apologize.

I have been watching the world go through so many changes. It is truly a very interesting time on Earth these days.

First, and I believe foremost, is the result of the biggest mistake ever made by the elite, and their tech. puppet DARPA. They let the internet get in to the hands of the public. I believe that we have THE most informed global population the world has ever seen.

With so much access to information, especially that which The Powers That BE (TPTB) are so afraid to see get out. Their “dirty little secrets, dirty little lies,” (thank you Don Henley), are being outed at every turn. The common swear phrase in DC has become “Dammit, that document went viral on the damned net!” And once it’s out there, they never seem to get control of it again… Oops!

Also, the digitizing of all the laws, and their stautory “color of law,” it has become a matter of course for people to go through them and find the hidden remedies in them, that are there because of the rule of law. Any law that demands action or compensation on your part, has to, by law, provide remedy.

Here is an example of a man who went through the IRS tax codes, and discovered that about 95% of tax paying Americans are not actually required to pay the tax. Not only that, they are all due a refund, since they paid under threat, duress, and coercion, which automatically voids all contracts. Yet another Oops! The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code

I am amazed daily at the crazed and inept insanity of the Obama international game.He and his masters are grasping at the last straws of power, which is slipping from their grip much faster than they planned. They have gotten themselves into too many wars and conspiracies with the services of the CIA, and they all suffer from, psychiatrically speaking, a military/industrial complex, wrapped aroung money and power.

They (TPTB) forgot, I think, to take into the equation, the exponential growth of knowledge and awareness that is taking place on Earth. And to add to their woes, Obama is seen as pitted against Vladimir Putin, a fierce and genius international chess player. Obama is barely playing checkers. Oh well, that’s what King O gets for listening to Valerie Jarret, and Hillary Clinton. I am so glad I am not him.

I have deemed what is going on as “A Revolution of Consciousness,” and it is in full swing. I believe it will help limit the amount of violence and bloodshed in getting the old powers out, and a new social paradigm in place, based on cooperation, for the good of all; versus competition, I win, you lose, no matter what.

Sooo… I have gotten a good start (as the title of the blog states), on my opinion of what’s going on. You are free to disagree. If I have said anything, or say anything in the future that you disagree with, or makes you uneasy, I invite you (before you comment), to do some research and see if you can find some credible info that disputes it, I will listen, and if I am wrong, I will admit it.

Suffice it to say that I have validated my opinions with hours of research, and talking to people from all over the world, basically questioning everything. I do not offer my opinions lightly.

For now, I will say peace be with you, have a wonderful day, week, life, all of the above.


The Blue Wizard


In the ten years since 9/11, we have been after Osama Bin Ladin, the alleged master-mind of the attack.

Now he is dead, conveniently for many government officials, but in that whole time, other than government propoganda, and the main stream media parroting that same story in sound bites and hyperbole, presented by PAID experts and military analysts, I have not seen one convincing, hard-core piece of evidence that he actually planned it.

The day after the attack he released a statement calling it an atrocious act, and that that was against the tenets of the Muslim religion. Of course, the bought and paid for media wasn’t allowed to put that out to the public. It would have cast doubt on our declaring their patsy as an enemy. Hey, magicians use sleight-of-hand and distraction as major tools of their art.

It is also a matter of record that Bin Ladin was a CIA assett, as was Lee Harvey Oswald (American/Soviet double agent), Sirhan Sirhan, and Timothy McVey. It is also documented that Al Qaida is a CIA group, trained, armed and controlled by the CIA.

I have been convinced since day one that the 9/11 event was a false-flag event, and that our own government murdered 3000 people, plus an ungodly number of first-responders, in an all out effort to get us into empire-building wars that are about oil, drugs, money and power. I saw it in George Bush’s eyes that first day when they told him, and his lie about seeing the plane fly into the building on television. There was no news coverage at that time. He knew, and Dick Ch eney had ordered war games for NORAD that same day. They knew, and they planned it, plain and simple, and you will never convince me otherwise

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, only oil. The nuke issue is not why we are after Iran. It has the third largest oil field in the region. We are after them for the oil, pure and simple.

So, with all the lies we have been repeated told to reinforce them, I would like to see just one piece of non-governmental evidence that Bin Laden did what they say.

I believe it is another travesty against the American citizens, by a government that participated in the sinking of the Lusitania, the Gulf of Tonkin debacle, Pearl Harbor (with all the evidence out now that they knew, and let it happen, in fact, did everything they could to goad Japan into attacking us), the Bay of Pigs, the Oklahoma City bombing, the first WTC plane crash that failed to take down the building, the attack on the USS Cole ( where later it was shown to be two agents of the CIA dressed up as locals), etc.

Our government takes us as fools who will buy any story they lay down. I trust none of them, including Obama. They have one goal… subjugate the people of the world under their New World Order.

Somebody prove me wrong… I dare you.

The above link tells a lot about what went on with the death of Bin Laden.

It comes as no surprise to me that our leaders killed off Bin Ladin… finally.  His branding as our enemy was not being worth the expenditures. Our leaders are no strangers to assassination and murder for their own benefit and profit. They have scored big time with this one. They created Al Quaida and the Bin Laden myth. It was, and still is a massive CIA operation to destabilize the world’s governments and make us look like the “good guys.”

I find it no surprise that his post-9/11 denial was played down by the press. The neo-CONs needed an enemy for us to hate. How else could they justify their empire building and feeding of the industrial-war industries. And “We the Sheeple” bought their story hook, line and sinker.

Complacency and gullibility are killing this country, while the leaders bow to their rich masters and kill anyone who dares question them. The sooner we get out of the middle east, the safer we will be.  That is the reason they hate us, not because of our religious beliefs or lifestyle; simply because we won’t let them live their own lives and run their own countries the way they choose. And the sooner we wake up and stop our leaders (what a joke) and their ultra-rich banker and corporate masters, as a united people, the sooner we might get some respect, peace and safety in this world.

I have to admit I almost puke every time I hear a politician speak of spreading democracy. They don’t serve it. They are too busy creating their new world order for their masters, which will reinstate the aristocracy and the peasantry, and in this case, the peasantry is defined as “We the Sheeple.”