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Advance warning: I am probably going to piss a few folks off with this post. I don’t care. I live in America where I have the right to freedom of speech, and if you choose to be offended, that is your right, just as it is my right to hold and express ideas the might offend you. So, if you need to go running off to your safe zone and suck your thumb and cuddle your binky, do it now.

The most obnoxious oxymoron created during the 20th century: Politically Correct.

It is an oxymoron since nothing, absolutely nothing about politics is correct.

I am totally sick and fed up with all this “PC” BULLSHIT.When I was growing up, I was always told “Say what you mean.” I do.

It seems to me that all it is, is a way to pussify American men, cater to cult beliefs (progressive democrats), and spare those with no guts from things that might make them react in any way but”Oh, I’m just so happy!”

Grow up and get over it. The world is not fair. Life is not fair. And guess what… not everyone is going to believe the way or things you do. Although you have the right to live your life the way you choose, as long as you harm no one, I have that same right. There is no way you can force your beliefs on me if I disagree with them. You can present them, and I will respond. If I violently disagree, you will know it, and I will make no effort to provide a mat when I shoot you down.

Generally, I am a very mellow, peaceful, and harmonious kind of being. I try to get along with all. I can carry on constructive conversations, but when you start trying to choose my words for me, or attack me because you disagree, then you will have a battle on your hands, and I will say what I feel, and say it in the way I feel it.

If I feel your ideas are full of shit, I will tell you so, most likely, in those terms. Try to force your religious beliefs on me, and you will be shown the door, by the collar and belt, and you can force them face first into the pavement outside.

What the PC epidemic is doing to colleges and institues of higher learning is nothing more than conformist crap. These places are supposed to be for exchange of ideas and knowledge, not progressive propaganda farms. They are supposed to teach “critical thinking”, and foster new ideas. Lately all they are doing is stifling development and preventing the gaining of knowledge, because some people’s ideas might offend someone My very impolite answer to that is that it all adds up to a big cup of “So-fucking-what?”

It is no different in the elementary schools. They are nothing more than places that teach kids how to follow orders, don’t think, and don’t question. Oh, let us not forget, don’t have the attention span of a kid or fidget, because they’ll turn you into a Ritalin junkie. Don’t think, just absorb by rote, all the superfluous crap they want your head filled with. If you don’t think this is true, then why are there no more “Civics” or “Social Studies” classes anymore?

Why? It’s because you might learn the truth, that our (corporate) government is illegal and all of their dealings are with fraudulent contracts. You might discover that 13 families control over 90% of the wealth in the world. You might learn that all of their statutes, ordinances, regulations, etc. are only “color of law,” and not the real LAW, and have no bearing on living people who are not government workers, or live in D.C., or have unwittingly given their consent to the robbery. Hell, you might even learn that America is not supposed to be a democracy.

That’s right, we are a Republic. If you don’t know the difference, look it up. My definition of a democracy, other than “mob rule,” is two wolves and a sheep trying to decide what to have for lunch. In a Republic, everybody’s rights are held sacred and considered when making Law.

All I can really say from here is grow some callouses, open your eyes, and quit being some pansy-assed little PC tool. The world is not here to cater to you, nor your sensitive little feelers. It is a big place that is full of different ideas and beliefs, and as with the case of the Islamic (not Muslim) jihadists, assimilate or die. Now, how politically correct is that?



How to begin… Well, this morning my Lady came in and right after I sat down at my computer, and leaned over and put her hand on my leg and said, “I have to tell you something…” The look on her face was very telling that something was wrong.

She told me that my friend Steve’s son had called, and last night Steve went into the bathroom at home, put a gun to his head, and took his own life. All of a sudden I was just numb. I didn’t know what to say or think.

I met him in the early 90s, at the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival. I was managing what was then called the Main Stage at the South end of the festival, and we got the majority of the larger national acts.

As usual, the crew from the local cable access channel were there, recording the event. Steve had built a nice little recording studio on a trailer frame, and he parked it backstage to record the audio. We worked together for many years and established a friendship beyond the festival.

We worked side-by-side at The Space Studios, where he helped me build the audio/video control island, and helped with running sound on several shows so I didn’t have to do sound and video switching by myself. There were many things that needed to be done there that I was unable to do all by myself, but Stevie was there to cover my 6.

Three days later… I have been numb the last few days, trying to figure out what made him snap, and I am coming up with no answers. I keep coming back to the wish that he had called me first. I am sure, very sure, I could have talked him out of it, but that is now a case of moot 20-20- hindsight.

All I can say at this point is that if you know me, and you know how to get ahold of me, and should ever reach the point you want to end it all, then call me, come see me, whatever. After all, death is a great rush, but please, save it for last.

Of course, we all know someone, or maybe you have tried yourself to make money on the internet. Yes, I am guilty of it myself.

I saw an opportunity pop up that seemed really different and might just have the possibility to work, and who knows, it just might, after you jump through 47 dozen hoops. This particular system is called “”

First, in their introductory videos, they tell you that they have worked out a deal with a trading company, but they don’t tell you that it is an off-shore company, and they want an initial deposit of $250 to open your account. I still have not received the refund on my initial deposit. Had it been only $200, there would have been no problem. The US government says that with any off-shore trade or deposit, you have to go through a bunch of compliance hoops.

If there is the slightest hitch, they cancel your trading account, and don’t bother to tell you. In fact . Their customer service is horrible, and it is like pulling hen’s teeth to talk to someone live, either on the phone, or on their chat feature.

It might maake money for some, but from my perspective, I cannot recommend it. Make your own choice.


I have to admit, I am befuddled by the lack of vision, and profit, that The Powers That BE (TPTB) missed out on, regarding a huge market, as Popular Mechanics pointed out in February of 1938 and reiterated in this paper. But it does prove that we had/have the best political and judicial systems money has bought.

TPTB have taken the most benign and useful plant on the planet, and demonized it to profit a multitude of industries that would close if cannabis/hemp was legalized. And by the way, I am on a campaign to get people to stop using the “M” word. It is what the government used to demonize it. And further, cannabis is a plant, not a drug; drugs are manufactured, mostly poisonous, and used to cover symptoms rather than cure.

To get hold of the whole process and understand how modern science(government controlled) can totally ignore somewhere between 3-5 thousand years of documented use of the plant, saying it is all anecdotal, I suggest you start here, reading Jack Herrer’s (he jokes that it sounds like terror, with an H) book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

It has been shown that hemp has over 50, 000 uses.

Here are a few of the industries that could potentially wiped out:

  • Synthetic Textile
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Timber
  • Industrial agriculture
  • Construction Materials
  • Oil/Petroleum
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Add your own

Considering the money spent on just recreational/medicinal cannabis use over the last couple of years, and they could have been looking at trillions of dollars of profits today, in both cannabis and industrial hemp. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Day by Day

It is amazing what changes one’s thinking takes when one faces their own mortality.

Turns out the major problem I had was a case of aspergillus pneumonia. Turns out to be one of the most virulent fungal infections one can have. The medicine for it costs $4000/mo. Even with help, the co-pay would have been $758. Talk about Big Pharma and rape.

The hardest part is the fatigue. After weeks in the hospital, it is hard getting back into the swing of things, even just thinking clearly to write. For someone who is used to taking care of themselves, it is hard to get past not being able to take care of one’s self. It can make one feel very vulnerable, something I am not used to, and really try to avoid it again.

A piece of advice, if the slightest sign of mold in your household, do whatever you have to to get rid of it. Two weeks in ICU is my experience. I vaguely remember that period, I was so out of it.

I am in the process of trying to find a different, usable social network where I can continue to educate my friends, and bring out the truth, since Nazibook decided they HAD to have government issued, photo ID, wanting me to take credit for pissing someone off.

Many of us have decided to move to out of Iceland. They don’t, by law share any info with foreign governments, and their service encrypts your data before it even leaves your computer, and all the way back from their servers. For encrypted communications (email/voice/video conferencing) they have I would love to see as many of my FB friends migrate there, so we can communicate again and say what we really feel. Excuse my language, but fuck the NSA.

Another form of encrypted tech. that I have been using for communications is Team Viewer, again, encrypted From rig to rig, since it is P2P (peer-peer, no middle-man).

I miss communicating with all my Nazibook friends, and all the sources they have provided, not to mention all their friendship and comraderie.

That is all I have for now, but my mind is clearing up, and there is so much going on in the world, it is going to take me some time to bring myself (and you) up to date.

As the tag line for Suspicious Observers says, “Eyes open, no fear.” We are in the thick of a revolution, whether you like it, or even want to admit it or not. It began when the internet was released to the public as a “Revolution of Consciousness,” but now is moving into a revolution of Action. We have to stop the corporate United States, a foreign corporation, in an independent nation/state, and get back to the original Constitutional Republic we were supposed to have when it was designed. The Constitution is nothing more than a corporate charter to serve “We the People.” It is their corporate rules, and unless you claim to be a “citizen of the United States: (on forms, even filing a W-4 is fraud on your part, and also admitting to be a “United States citizen,” a government employee, subject to their laws, taxes, and under the jurisdiction of their legal system. I make no such claim. I am an American National, currently domiciling in Oregon. A private, living, breathing Human Being over which the federal government has no authority, unless I am on government property, which is a lot less than the want you to know. This is being proved in Nevada, Oregon, Utah.

And as a final thought, all of you freedom fighters, stop calling yourselves “Sovereign Citizens.” You cannot be both. A Sovereign makes the laws, and the “citizens” owe fealty to them, and must follow their laws and edicts. I owe fealty to no one. I make the rules for my life, and for most of it, I have lead more of a good Christian existence, (by the true meaning of his parables), than most of the Christians I know.

Keep in mind the idea of Natural Law (God’s, Creator’s/Universe, etc, what ever you call the higher power/intelligence), there are basically only three major tenets to follow: 1. Do no harm; 2.Allow no harm to be done; and 3; honor all of your lawful contractual promises. Stupidly simple. And the icing is habeus corpus (no victim, no crime). Look these things up and you will know I am not blowing smoke up your butt, but have actually researched these thing and have an HD full of documentation to back it up.

I am not asking any of you to take my word for it. I just want to put you on a track to find out for yourselves. It is the only way you will believe and own the truth.

Until next time, I wish you peace, Love, Prosperity and abundance.


The Blue Wizard

Too much time used

It is funny how three weeks in a hospital can change one’s normal cycles and rhythms. Here it is, 1 AM and I woke up and can’t seem to go back to sleep. This is a normal time for me to be searching or writing, but it feels strange.

It just seemed to take so long to heal. Two weeks in an ICU will make one go stir crazy, then another week after that. I kept insisting that I needed to be at home, where the real healing could take place. Don’t get me wrong, they saved my life, and I am grateful. Met some wonderful, caring people.

The whole situation was so very strange because, for most of my adult life, I have been a pretty self-sufficient kind of guy. All of a sudden, I am in a situation I have almost no control over, since I am usually just trying to sleep and heal It just took too much time, and I primarily focused on healing and balance. And people in and out of the room, drawing blood, checking vitals, asking questions. At times, I felt vulnerable, and for me, that is a new experience, having to rely on others to take care of me.

Here’s a fun one… why is it that someone will walk in and wake you out of a dead sleep you have fought for, and the first question out of their mouth is “So, how are you feeling?” I’m sorry, I was sleeping. Am I supposed to be monitoring my own condition all night? It’s hard enough just to find a comfortable position in a bed that is too small, even with the extender.

It is hard to find healing and balance in a hospital, especially a large one. Even in the most cheery places in it, it was a very oppressive environment. People seemed worried to death that I spent those 2 weeks in ICU. A lot of people who go in there don’t come out. Guess I’m just too damned stubborn for them.

I am not sure which one it is yet, but one of the meds they gave me seems to cloud my mind, makes it hard to focus. Until I get that straightened out,  I don’t expect to be writing much about important matters (unless they really piss me off.

So, of course the healing process is slow, and having to jump back into the medical system is not one of my favorites either. But I was right… coming home and being in my own space, eating real food,taking natural medicinal herbs and spices, all those things the alopathic medical community hates, because they can’t sell them as drugs for exorbitant prices.

Home is where one heals.


The Blue Wizard


Lost in space and time…

It really is hard to explain the last three weeks, the last two months, actually.

The last month, they diagnosed me with a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs), several days stay, blood thinners, the whole nine yards.

About a week later, after my release,I went to a followup with my primary care provider. After the appointment, she came out and said that she had just spoken to the doctor, and they both agreed that I should go to the ER. Seems now that it was a good thing I listened. After a quick stop at home, my Lady took me there, and after about an hour, I was moved to the ICU, where I was a guest of bondage university for two weeks, with all those wires and tubes. My arm kept spitting out IVs, and ended up looking like a war zone , and the other didn’t fare much better.

They flat out stated that if I had waited even a few more days, I might have not been around any longer. Turns out, I had not one but two viral pneumonias, those they cleared up fairly quickly (I guess, I cannot believe how “somewhere else” I was for most of that time.) What truly concerned them was that it was mixed with a fungal pneumonia, from a fungus called Aspergillus (and a bit of emphysema). It develops slowly, but is particularly hard the kill, once infecting the lungs. And they were exasperated that they could not keep my blood pressure up where they wanted it. One of the advantages of just saying no to stress, is it tends to lower your blood pessure. Go figger.

So,  I must admit that alopathic medicine saved my life, but now there is healing to be done (I almost starved there. the food is not only unhealthy, but for the most part unpalatable. It is easy to become accustomed to an organic diet with organic medicinal herbs and spices.

One factor of course, is the oppressive nature of hospitals. I was getting claustrophobic, and I made that clear to the doctor that bailed me out.

I have to admit, the people who cared for me were caring, efficient, friendly, but the best part is that they listened to me, the doctors especially. One doctor really went the distance to get a prescription cost coverage written off by the manufacturer, under a program they have. I admit, the system saved my life, and God only knows how, but it was all covered under one insurance or another.

Some of the dreams I had were almost as vivid as hallucinations, but I never really ran a fever. A couple actually seemed like lucid dreams. I was somewhat in control. But the main two ideas I focused on were simple healing, and balance, and expressed my gratitude accordingly.

I also must thank all those that sent healing energies and treatments my way, which I felt in great strength, I was open to them, and to my extended family here, who all stepped in to see after my well-being. You are all an integral part of that well-being. I am humbled and honored, My Friends.

But one person shined as a real trooper and continues to look after me. Of course, that could only be my most beautiful Lady, Dawn Marie. When one has been fairly independent and self-sufficient most of one’s life, it is hard to let go and let someone else take care of you. Would you believe she would cook organic meals and bring them up to me. The hospital didn’t care, as long as I as eating. This is the absolute love of my life.

I have said many times, at this point I am not a rich man. BUT, I am one of the wealthiest people I know.  I have many wonderful people and things in my life. I have food, a home, clothes. I have been through a medical crisis, and made it through, although jumping through all those hoops is a bit of a brain drain, but in the end, everything I needed came together. The Universe provides for those who let it and are willing to reach out and take it. I have had many introspective and esoteric moments over the last few weeks.

So, I am back and trying to get into the swing of things, hopefully write more. Lots to write about.



the Blue Wizard



For a long time I have been fighting the idea of aging. I would consistently tell people that I am putting off puberty… it scared me.

But lately, I have realized some benefits of aging:

  • People tend to take older folks more seriously. The idea of age bringing experience and wisdom seems to have permeated most cultures. “Look to and respect your elders.” Yes, I know, there are some that never grow up, and can’t even spell experience, or wisdom.
  • There are learnings that we acquired that just aren’t taught to the youth of today, and we are labeled as “old school.” I find that I am good with that, since we were taught how to use what was available and get stuff done.I learned scrounging as a ham radio operator, when the vogue was to “homebrew” everything possible. I even built my own Morse code key, as well as the rest of the rig and the antennas. I didn’t have the internet. All I had was the ARRL Handbook, and antenna book. More than a few of my resources came from junk yards, since it was in the days before recycling. Try and do that with an iPhone.
  • Just because the body ages and will not remain resilient forever, doesn’t mean that the brain/mind shuts down too. One of my favorite quotes is “You live and you learn… or you don’t live long.” (Robert Heinlein). So far, I have learned enough to have kept myself alive for 65 years, raise a daughter, have multitudinous adventures, and learn, learn, learn. My friend Kirk Spencer has a quote that covers that pretty well; “I never fail… I win, or I learn.”I strive to learn one, if not many, thing(s) a day. It isn’t hard either. Just about every experience or encounter can teach you something if you look for it.
  • In my time, I have met, worked with, loved, argued with, taught, lead and followed, entertained, literally thousands of people. In all those encounters, I acquired a pretty damned good understanding of people, in general, in small groups, and individually. When I worked as a Stage Manager, I would meet a variety of folks, from crew to rich sponsors. I had about 2 seconds to figure out the best way to deal with them. Meeting a thousand new people every summer for 13 years, while running festival stages and doing the production work, I believe, qualifies me to say I had my baptism in fire, every one of those summers, and I learned.
  • I have learned and utilized the power of manners, etiquette, courtesy, respect where it is due. I did my best to pass it along to my daughter, and I have ample proof I succeeded. Of that, I am eternally thankful and proud.
  • I have learned……………………………………………………………. patience. No choice when you have done all you can do and you have to wait for someone else to get something done before you can move on, (unless you add it to your already-ten-pages-long to do list and do it yourself).
  • I have learned that I am capable of doing anything I truly set my mind to, based on experience and the following quote, again from Robert Heinlein, “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” I am not an insect, and I have proven it to myself.
  • I have learned through many relationships, and three marriages about said-same relationships. Each had its good sides and bad sides, but I learned a little more about interacting with one special person, which led me to be able to appreciate and revel in the one I have had for the last 12 years. It is hard in our society to create a true “Adult Relationship,” and I am most grateful for mine.
  • I still insist that I am not “getting old,” I am rather “aging gracefully,” and I am sticking to that story.

So there it is. Indeed, I have been around a while, and have gained an experience and knowledge base that has pretty much taught me how the world and its people really work, from the dark seamy underbelly of the world’s (they believe, I don’t) rulers, to some the most noble and altruistic people I have ever met.

I am grateful for my life, and for every person that has passed through it, and look forward to more years of the same and better.


The Blue Wizard

Just All Turned Around

I have been mulling over how to even begin this, since there are so many things I need to express, and only two hands and one brain.

I have spent most of my life operating under two principles:

  1. You live and you learn… or you don’t live long, and
  2. Specialization is for insects.

Both of those came from the same source, a science fiction writer.

A lot of people discount “scifi” as fantasy and dreams. The funny thing is the ideas these writers come up with are not all created out of thin air. Many are based on sound scientific principles that just haven’t been released to the public yet, mostly for monetary reasons.

One man’s  magic is another man’s science

In 65 years, I have learned enough to stay alive to this point, but I couldn’t just stop at that. A long time ago, I made a promise to myself that I would learn at least one new thing everyday. But being the double type “A” personality that I have been most of my life, I couldn’t even leave it at that.

I would get on search engines, pick a random topic, and research the hell out of the topic. Over time, some of those topics drew me in more than others.

Way back in the late 60’s, I started realizing that things weren’t really right with the way our country was going, and the way it was being run. I started finding the actual reasons for, and beneficiaries of war. This was after I had enlisted in and served in the Navy. I was not happy.

War Never Benefits the Soldiers, Nor the People… Only the Bankers and Leaders

Then, I realized that our own government wasn’t our only major enemy. I discovered the world of Big Pharma, and the American Medical Association/FDA. All private corporations with the FDA masquerading as a government agency, DUN number, corporate charters and all.

And yet another major player is Big Agra. All of our food is in their hands, unless it was grown locally and organically. There have been many attempts to put organic farmers out of business. They have made growing food on your own property illegal. There are companies like Monsanto (Insanto), and Syngenta, that are taking our food and turning it into poisons, that even poison the soil they grow in, along with the added poisons the farmers(?) add. And people eat this stuff, which makes them sick, sending them to the other partners mentioned above.

The more I learned, the madder I got and was bound and determined to get as much information as I could out to all those I cared about, which is a lot of people. I would get flak about my efforts on Facebook, but during my time there, I watched many people wake up and start looking at things on their own. They started to realize that I was not, and am not just some doped-up-tin-foil-hat-wearing-conspiracy-theory-loon. There was substance to what I was presenting, and a few times I was wrong, and admitted it.

The real rub for me was presenting credible evidence, like FOIA released government documents confirming the conspiracies, and people not going to find out if they were there and available, but attacking me personally. But I put up with it, because I felt what I was doing was important. Many times people would message me, or comment, thanking me for providing useful information. Of course, now that battlefield is closed.

It is getting late, and this is a long story, so I think I will leave this as an introduction to who I am. I am working to get myself into the mode of using this venue. I am working to be more prolific, so be patient, please.

Namaste, My Friends

The Blue Wizard

Post Facebook Departum Recovery

Well My Friends, and those yet to be friends, I am glad you found me here.

For several years, I have been gathering information, researching said info, and sharing what I thought was important for people to know, things like

  • What real Law (Natural Law) is, and how a foreign corporation, in an independent nation/state has high-jacked our country. How they created a whole new form of corporate citizenship (inadvertent employees subject to their corporate policies; financial slaves). How they created an un-Constitutional “income tax,” that is only for those engaged in government business, or gaining from industries serving said government; a voluntary tax for American National Sovereigns, but they have been taught is their duty through threat, duress, and coercion. They lied to us… and still are.
  • Things like our food industries and our nutrition. Taking on Insanto and other chemical/ toxin/and other poisonous products they try to convince us is no different from Nature’s organically grown, non-genetically modified original, well, what our ancestors called FOOD.
  • Taking on Big Pharma, with their statement that “only a drug can cure a dis-ease,” when we know that they are a global industry or corporations, who’s goals are not to actually “cure” people. There is no long-term profit in cures. They provide poisons that “treat the symptoms” of a disease,but never attack the root cause. Then, their treatments have side effects, which they just happen to have a fix for, but wait, those come with more side-effects, so here comes another pill. The net result is not healing and curing, but creating life-long profit streams for the pharmaceutical companies.
  • Politics is such an obvious and HUGE target. In actuality, it is quite easy to follow… always follow the money, power, and control. Our American politicians are all owned by someone with a huge bankroll, as is every other politician on the planet. I have set my sights on their masters, especially the international central gang-banksters. (He/she who has the gold makes the rules (for now, that is crumbling)).
  • For now, last, but certainly not least, is Natural Cures. Creator has put some amazing plants and herbs on this planet, and just looking back at what has been learned and used effectively over the last 3000 years, in every culture globally, cannot be disregarded off-hand as anecdotal as modern science is so eager to do. Again, it cuts into their profits, since you can’t patent a natural plant. Just a part-time study on the uses of medicinal herbs and plants should open many questions in you mind.

In doing those things I listed above, it seems that I got to someone who wasn’t going to let me continue until such time as they could find out who was rattin’ on them.

I am a bit bummed that I did not get a chance to let all my Nazibook friends/followers know what happened, but rest assured, I was not black-bagged, nor suicided, nor have I died under mysterious circumstances. If that were to happen, it has been arranged to get the story out into the net in a BIG way because I certainly have no reason or desire to end this battle I have undertaken, and I still have a bunch of stage performances left under my belt once my lungs heal up from my current “setback.”


My love to you all. Since you are in my life, you are VERY special to me. NAMASTE



The Blue Wizard