Of course, we all know someone, or maybe you have tried yourself to make money on the internet. Yes, I am guilty of it myself.

I saw an opportunity pop up that seemed really different and might just have the possibility to work, and who knows, it just might, after you jump through 47 dozen hoops. This particular system is called “MyFirstOnlinePayday.com”

First, in their introductory videos, they tell you that they have worked out a deal with a trading company, but they don’t tell you that it is an off-shore company, and they want an initial deposit of $250 to open your account. I still have not received the refund on my initial deposit. Had it been only $200, there would have been no problem. The US government says that with any off-shore trade or deposit, you have to go through a bunch of compliance hoops.

If there is the slightest hitch, they cancel your trading account, and don’t bother to tell you. In fact . Their customer service is horrible, and it is like pulling hen’s teeth to talk to someone live, either on the phone, or on their chat feature.

It might maake money for some, but from my perspective, I cannot recommend it. Make your own choice.