It really is hard to explain the last three weeks, the last two months, actually.

The last month, they diagnosed me with a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs), several days stay, blood thinners, the whole nine yards.

About a week later, after my release,I went to a followup with my primary care provider. After the appointment, she came out and said that she had just spoken to the doctor, and they both agreed that I should go to the ER. Seems now that it was a good thing I listened. After a quick stop at home, my Lady took me there, and after about an hour, I was moved to the ICU, where I was a guest of bondage university for two weeks, with all those wires and tubes. My arm kept spitting out IVs, and ended up looking like a war zone , and the other didn’t fare much better.

They flat out stated that if I had waited even a few more days, I might have not been around any longer. Turns out, I had not one but two viral pneumonias, those they cleared up fairly quickly (I guess, I cannot believe how “somewhere else” I was for most of that time.) What truly concerned them was that it was mixed with a fungal pneumonia, from a fungus called Aspergillus (and a bit of emphysema). It develops slowly, but is particularly hard the kill, once infecting the lungs. And they were exasperated that they could not keep my blood pressure up where they wanted it. One of the advantages of just saying no to stress, is it tends to lower your blood pessure. Go figger.

So,  I must admit that alopathic medicine saved my life, but now there is healing to be done (I almost starved there. the food is not only unhealthy, but for the most part unpalatable. It is easy to become accustomed to an organic diet with organic medicinal herbs and spices.

One factor of course, is the oppressive nature of hospitals. I was getting claustrophobic, and I made that clear to the doctor that bailed me out.

I have to admit, the people who cared for me were caring, efficient, friendly, but the best part is that they listened to me, the doctors especially. One doctor really went the distance to get a prescription cost coverage written off by the manufacturer, under a program they have. I admit, the system saved my life, and God only knows how, but it was all covered under one insurance or another.

Some of the dreams I had were almost as vivid as hallucinations, but I never really ran a fever. A couple actually seemed like lucid dreams. I was somewhat in control. But the main two ideas I focused on were simple healing, and balance, and expressed my gratitude accordingly.

I also must thank all those that sent healing energies and treatments my way, which I felt in great strength, I was open to them, and to my extended family here, who all stepped in to see after my well-being. You are all an integral part of that well-being. I am humbled and honored, My Friends.

But one person shined as a real trooper and continues to look after me. Of course, that could only be my most beautiful Lady, Dawn Marie. When one has been fairly independent and self-sufficient most of one’s life, it is hard to let go and let someone else take care of you. Would you believe she would cook organic meals and bring them up to me. The hospital didn’t care, as long as I as eating. This is the absolute love of my life.

I have said many times, at this point I am not a rich man. BUT, I am one of the wealthiest people I know.  I have many wonderful people and things in my life. I have food, a home, clothes. I have been through a medical crisis, and made it through, although jumping through all those hoops is a bit of a brain drain, but in the end, everything I needed came together. The Universe provides for those who let it and are willing to reach out and take it. I have had many introspective and esoteric moments over the last few weeks.

So, I am back and trying to get into the swing of things, hopefully write more. Lots to write about.



the Blue Wizard